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posted at 06/08/20 04:32
Im Emma

Im Emma

posted at 06/08/20 02:54
Im Emma

Im Emma

posted at 06/08/20 02:04
Im Emma

Im Emma

posted at 06/08/20 01:03
Im Emma

Im Emma

posted at 15/02/18 12:48

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posted at 05/11/17 08:39


posted at 19/08/14 23:06

Господа, а не зарелизить ли XcT на андроид ?

posted at 08/12/12 04:36

Toadcop! u da best!))

posted at 09/08/12 17:38

Is there any bot that hosts this map?

posted at 23/12/11 18:26


posted at 29/08/11 17:26

Hey you (Tc)

What would be the next evolution level for TcX after TcX AoS? Maybe TcX for starcraft 2 or a TcX stand-alone game? =)

Even if TcX AoS is the last, TcX will always be special for me. TcX <3

posted at 22/06/11 18:22

By the way the AOS doesn't have bots ?
It's cool, but the jump in the AOS doesn't really have a need unless you want to jump over units. I would like some ramps or some things specially made for jumps and of course those would be strategical points.

posted at 22/06/11 18:16

My bad. It works with 126a.
Also I just love the jump and key movement. I would like to know how to do that.

posted at 21/06/11 23:12

Awesome. But I don't think it works with 1.26a.
Hope you can do it if you have the time. Thanks.

posted at 19/05/11 13:31

Hey can you pls send me an unprotected version of Tcx?
I will just try to learn the systems especially the mouse click to shoot and the AI.
You can check my profile in Hive Workshop to see that im really working on a project and also my project page.
You can send it to my email which is
Profile page:
Project page:
I promise not to rip any resources. I just want to learn how the click to shoot and the AI Bots are implemented.
Hey can you pls send me an unprotected version of Tcx?
I will just try to learn the systems especially the mouse click to shoot and the AI.
- Blindman

posted at 01/05/11 21:37

Hm... IMHO it's a nice map (most advanced I've ever seen, very gj). However there should be items like potions and other usuables... To make game more dynamic. Also it would be cool if players could add stats by themselves (like D2, when you level up).
Good luck in doing this kind of art :)

posted at 04/10/10 18:32

i dont know how to play team mode??
i think better add "-randomteam/-rt" we can do quick team made..
and "-swap" to swap player if he want to switch her team..
and one more "-g_teamlimit" for team mode..
Thx before..your map awesome^^

posted at 05/08/10 16:34


posted at 14/07/10 02:36

fuck you!!!! tcxctrl.exe is a real bitch! in my vista it remapped some keys and now i don't know how to reverse it! you are a fucking genius and u should make viruses!!

posted at 01/07/10 20:51

одна из очевидных причин это "ненужность"
нужность есть =0

posted at 14/05/10 07:28

How do i play
Tcx Aol
I really want to play, but dont know how to download

First install warcraft 3 TFT version 1.24+ (a,b,c,d,e doesnt matter) and after download the map here and copy it to wc3 "maps\" folder

thats all...

posted at 17/04/10 07:35

hey toadcop
really awesome stuff here, pitty i don't even own WC3..but maybe i'll get it after seeing q3 portet to it :D
happy birthday and drink one for me =)

posted at 20/03/10 23:11


maybe try:
-cam 0 (-cam 0..4) if that what you want ^^

posted at 20/03/10 19:30

> т.е. проект с моей стороны закрыт.


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