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posted at 15/08/09 21:43

Then How come I can't play 1.24 on bnet???

posted at 15/08/09 03:55

Yea I was about to say the same thing, good taht your aware, please release TcX1.04 soon, I really love the map dude. Patch 1.24 is such a bitch.

// to the rest i allready read that. so no need to copy it. and especialy tripple post.

technicaly there are no problems to update 1.03 to work on 1.24 i just don't want to.

posted at 12/08/09 03:39

Hey! The new patch killed your TCX Arena map bro! Thats like the best map ever!! Please can you fix it? I will promote it!

Hi ! tnx. well i hope i can release 1.04 after AOS ;) so... it makes not much sense to update it. but if something it's easy to port it to 1.24 so nop.

but now my goal is to release TcX AOS =)

posted at 14/07/09 09:26

Okey, but what means "idk" ? oO.

Im going to check it, but I'm sure it will be as good as all the other things you made ;)

posted at 14/07/09 00:28

Toadcop, here i am back did i missed something?

Any new importent changes? Dint seen another version, but hope to get one!

Keep going, TcX is the best example to show what power the World Editor has!!!!!!

Hi ! idk =) only if check it out... i made alot changes and improvements.

posted at 10/07/09 06:14

Been playing the AoS with friends and the sniper seems a little too strong. Also it would be nice of you could categorize the commands for easier browsing.

mmm well could you be bit more concrete ? =) well yes sniper isn't bad but hes specialized on one target as we tested hes isn't someting special...
well you can report suggestion etc. if you want.

Try Alt+H ;P it's not fininshed but it will be.

posted at 09/07/09 18:04

I tried out your aos not bad. I'm hoping you add in few more abilities for each hero to pick from to make building the hero more interesting. also any chance you'll add a cross map stat tracking? Are you going to submit it on hiveworkshop anytime soon?

also any chance you'll add a cross map stat tracking? - what ? =O

Are you going to submit it on hiveworkshop anytime soon? - maybe when it finished

posted at 29/06/09 10:42

Truly amazing game and programing!
I wish i could learn to program like that...

Can you please Email me i got a Question about a Jass Mini Map Trigger. It should be a Challenge for you :) Ive had 18 people/teams try so far and fail. Please Email me if you would like to try.

i have no time for such things =)

posted at 10/06/09 16:37

тсх захватит мир

posted at 31/05/09 10:31

Hey Toadcop I love all your maps and systems but I hope you change the creep models in the aos map soon ;)

Mein Herz brennt auch fьr TCX ^^

Hi ! idk we will see =\ if "i" will find some nice models and low weight so i may use it... (i allready thought about that)

posted at 23/05/09 14:35

The loading screen is the best !(is it actually in-game and you recreated the loading bar?)

-Commando Fuzzy doesn't seams to be attacking
-some socketed items display the runes in them like for ex. socketed(6:4) while it should probably be (4:6) no?

no it's an actual loading screen =)

- fuzzy attacks only players
- no it's correct so =) well in fact it's make no difference...

posted at 13/05/09 07:44

Is the most recent version to test something new or is the game being remade completely or something? It was pretty weird seeing almost nothing in the store & runes instead of shards.

yes we are experimenting ;D (old items are disabled now)
if the new "item system" will be better we will keep it if no so return to the old one but i think we will remake shards anyway. cause they are one ot the reason for imbalance on later games. (the uniques/sets are relative balanced)

well you may post some suggestions here =) etc. your opinions also.

+ in the current map update i atlast finished my 3D pathing system now it works (as far as i tested) really good an stable. now i can make full 3D levels ^_^ multinple floor building etc. also if recode a bit some parts it will be possbility to destroy walls etc =). I may try something in 1.04... (allready excited ^_^)
(i am bit proud of it ;P i mean 3D pathing system (internal name HyperWalker now it's HW 2.0 ^_^))

posted at 13/05/09 07:19

I love how this AoS is so constantly updated, unlike most others, but is it ever going to change from 1.0 to 1.1 or something?

realese version will be 1.0 =) well after it will go usual version way (i am just to lazy to keep it update ;P)

posted at 10/05/09 14:35

nice map =)

posted at 07/05/09 07:52

Hm... do you make the icons for the classes and the abilities yourself? They are pretty awesome.

yes i do
also the most part of custom FXs =)

posted at 06/05/09 23:51

You got a version that you think works?

no. i don't know if it will work cause i don't know the exact reason i allready wrote that. i need some one with mac to test it.
maybe later i will post some test version...

posted at 06/05/09 23:00


This map looks awesome. Though I can not play it because of my mac I think? Everytime i start it the loadingbar gets stuck then the screen turns black.

Can you make a version for mac? :D Thanks!

hmmm. well the most problem is to get a mac for testing.
cause i don't really know what's the problem. (but it seems to be some imported file issue maybe blp,mdx or how Karawasa said due the transparent borders in menu...)

if you have time. you could test it ^_^ i would upload special versions...
// have you some instant messenger ?

posted at 06/05/09 20:56

Hi! Wie werden Sie in Bewegung? Ich fühle mich etwas nicht stimmt xD
allgemein, wie etwa bereit TcX 1.04?

was ?
und ich hab uberhaubt nicht mit 1.04 angefang...

posted at 05/05/09 00:12

Может я что то не правильно делаю или чего то недопонимаю но рунное слово BurAnToAdcOpx не собирается). не соответствуют статы и не добавляются сокеты ^^ это в TcX 1.03. Спасибо, ещё дисбаланс в пользу лайтинг пушки. 5k урона да ещё с пирсингом...

в 3ёх сокетный предмет сначяло

потом должить
BurAnx туде.
и всё будет =)

да я знаю там много имбаллса...

posted at 04/05/09 00:50

I would like to request update logs for each update starting with the most recent. It is difficult to find out if there is any minor adjustments, etc. etc. unless its really just a new class each update.

O_o well... there are some time ALOT of minor fixes =)

well if you are interested plz contact me.

ICQ 248986856
// or email. my nick name + or

posted at 26/04/09 22:37

имхо Elimination Tournament сосет ;D
ну боты ваще жесть, зибада постарался =)

posted at 09/04/09 21:40

Very nice map :-) I hope you will make some new versions of it

me 2 ;P tnx

posted at 30/03/09 11:36

Any New Map or Version Coming Soon?

Love this map but it is not complete... maybe make a First Person Shooter (FPS) mode which makes the game like an FPS in First Person...

Any New Map or Version Coming Soon? - no

in AOS there are different camera modes. if 1.04 will be done it will be also in it.

posted at 19/03/09 18:24

Что ты собираешся делать дальше,в следующих версиях?

доделать и релизить АОС =) ну если повезёт будет 1.04 с 4мя картами на одной и другими фичями. но конечно сильно отличятса карта наверно не будет ) но увидим... ибо 1.04 будет построен на АОСе...

posted at 26/02/09 16:08

Are you even updating map ? Put more terrains ? :)
Weapons? And would be great if you could choose from few characters. Make a team if you dont have -.-' ... for icons, models, animations... :D
Hope this map wont die.

does i have some feedback "what i need to update ?" no. no one does plays it. so i will update only than i want.

1) in usual TcX where will be no more weapons (maybe some remakes etc)
2) characters = map space. we have no map space... so no.
3) everything "dies" someday.

the "fans" are who keep things alive. no one else.
+ currently i have other projects.

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