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posted at 19/08/07 17:24

CTF - so to say under development ^^

VEHICLES - =) it wouid be too confused...

"and better map" - hmmm if to true it's not a problem ^^ it's possible to make a patch for war3 and you could make own maps with ©TcX-Core so any map would be like it =)

but it's not currently in planing.

thanks for comments !

posted at 19/08/07 09:35

This map rocks!

posted at 19/08/07 09:31

more guns and better map =)

posted at 19/08/07 09:05


posted at 19/08/07 09:01


posted at 19/08/07 04:37

Damn -_- i forgot to write me nick...

posted at 19/08/07 04:33

bumskt - yeah thanks for suggestion ^^ i hope i will get time to realize it.

posted at 19/08/07 03:38

Hey love the map. You should do steal the bacon mode with a item that you need to hold onto for so long a time and everyone trying to kill you.

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