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posted at 15/12/08 23:45

Hm my suggestion is to add some kind of stamina for jumping, coz when you jump its faster, so there is almost no need to run... and it looks stupid if ppl are jumping all the time... its not Bunny arena -.-', and for better effect when you land on your feet you can add dust effect to make it looks better.

hmmm... well in Q3 it's not different ;) you need ti jump to be fast. + dust hmmm maybe i will add it.

posted at 12/12/08 02:03

Nevermind the question.
Its no longer needed, i invented the solution myself.

gj ! ;)

btw about the new version... yes it will have 4 maps but about different gameplay... we will see =) (ofc it will differ a bit but how much i can't say now) i have explosive barrels :P

posted at 11/12/08 18:45

Could you tell me how is detecting right click realised? - how is it possible to detect ability cancel?

I hope this is not confidential, since the code is published anyway.

I would be very grateful fore response.

posted at 08/12/08 17:32

>btw we preparing in TcX 1.04 to create 4 maps in 1 !!! it might be quite interesting. // all with different gameplays.

sounds good enough for me :)

posted at 06/12/08 07:32

So what are plans for next version if we may know ?

posted at 17/11/08 19:32

Played it even more, but wouldn't it be even more cool game if you added so in next round you can be you same level?

posted at 17/11/08 18:39

I will just like to can you for delivering us such a nice map, thank you!


posted at 17/11/08 06:11
sum dood


posted at 11/11/08 00:12
some idiot

i guess i will keep wondering D: ... =)

posted at 09/11/08 05:48
some idiot

Really nice map. i was wondering if you could tell me how you were able to make units walk under the bridges :O

posted at 20/10/08 01:56

Make game list on this site, items etc.
Requires lots of time to read all ingame.

maybe =) if i will have free time and wish to do it.

posted at 27/09/08 17:39

The TcX Core powered maps are of high/top quality

Is there going to be a port of TcX for starcraft 2?: )

=) tnx
no idea... we will see what SC2 will offer + what i will do at that time :P

posted at 24/09/08 12:22

Lol, Vercas not Vercasst XD
I made a mistake...

posted at 24/09/08 12:20

Incredible map, i have nothing else to comment ^_^

posted at 27/08/08 11:05

Can you please add those two swords as items in the next version of TcX.
if no.... I can understand ^^

anyway... what are the special propertys of this items ? =)
i will add better Uriziel 8-)

posted at 20/08/08 02:36

This is in regards to TRS II. I'm not understanding how to use it. See, I'm helping someone create a WoW map. It uses your inventory system. We want to add 4 weapon slots to the system. That we have already done. The only problem is we have weapon types like main weapons, 1 handed weapons, relics, shields, and ammo. Now, what's confusing us is your "Ultra Parser" Its syntax is not making any sense to us. Care to shed some light? We really like your system and want to use it.

Hi ! it's not really the place for asking questions about how to use TRSII =)))
the feature is
1) you have 2 slots
2) this 2 slots may contain different types of items ? depending on conditions ?

if yes so you must write a "hard logic" (filter function) for this. // i wrote the function name at wc3camp...

posted at 11/08/08 18:07

why no room for tcx in garena? ;/
this is one of the few maps that deserves to have it
or 4-5 in my opinion ^^

I have no idea... ask the Dog fucker xD

posted at 29/07/08 19:43

just agein something:

wehn i trie to import the core it sends an arror (when i save the map!) that some functiosn are mssing. these functions are in the common.j file. do i have to import the contetn of the file into the header of my map or what??

you need to import common.j in your map =)

the path is Scripts\common.j

// i have tried couple of times and i had no problems a importing it to any new map.

posted at 29/07/08 19:42


the map is real fun!

i tried to use the tcx-core for my own, but like every of your scripts it is unbeliveable to understand the triggers! :D

but the map is great fun i play it often cause it makes also fun after playing it much times agein!!!

=> only for toadcop: mfg

posted at 23/07/08 10:16

Oh yeah, and how do I add items to the ground? I mean, those boxes with an icon, which when you get in range of them, gives ammo or weapons?

posted at 23/07/08 09:58

Okay. Now, where do I get the custom tiles you have in your map? And which trigger is it in which you store the mouse clicking? I would like to now how you do..

posted at 19/07/08 23:09


TcX is the best Warcraft III shooter map. Ever.
It overwhelms Counter-strike, half-life, Team fortress 2, and all those, easily.

Though, with this TcX download, so that you can make your own TcX powered map... Are you allowed to actually do it without saying "this map was created by Toadcop"?

no you don't =) but the key feature is to left some "tool tips" that this TcX Core was created by Toadcop =) aka don't overwrite to much stuff.

posted at 18/07/08 21:44

"it doesnt use RtC =)"

I knew that... though, seeing as your so interested in it, I thought you would of used some of the custom natives for less "delay". It's nearly impossible to play this online right now, as the delay of keyboard keys is ridiculous.

it's playable =) special for lame bnet i added mouse move =)
// ggc/garena is much better in this terms (latency)

yeah write custom syncer is a mess =) i will better write custom game. than to fuck around with war3.

// hive, who ? xD

posted at 09/07/08 13:58

I was recently introduced to this map and well...I'm shocked at how amazing it is, It has some of the best controls and probably the best inventory system I've ever seen. the various items are amazing and the game play itself is stunning. I'm definitely going to start playing this as much as I possibly can and see if i can't make it more popular on USEast.

wow tnx ! ^_^
my MAIN goal was to made an good map ;) cause there are shit load of "popular" one.
yeah that would be cool =)

posted at 08/07/08 21:37

TcX goes to the sewers ^^....

man very nice terrain and u can actually swim now
+ the water slows u (very realistic)
i finally figured out the rune words (they r just like in d2) and r very very powerful

:P yeah.

btw we preparing in TcX 1.04 to create 4 maps in 1 !!! it might be quite interesting. // all with different gameplays.

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