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posted at 29/12/07 11:28

Erm.. Toadcop, where do you from?

Planet Earth ? =)

posted at 25/12/07 17:12

!!!!! =) ...


posted at 07/12/07 08:17

This map is fucking awesome, me and some friends got a real kick out of it and I cant wait for future versions to come out.

;D tnx !
i am working on. so TcX will be more fun & unique. what will allow much more taktics & bilds (! yes)
i am working togehter with one Diablo2 pro ^^ (he gives my suggestions for features).

so the goal is to make TcX with current gameplay but also add more RPG elements. (more in Diablo2 direction)
// the new FSI Inv is ready ;)

posted at 03/12/07 13:35

Wiil the SCX mode support by the AI?

not Wii => PS3 xD
hmmm idk maybe not cause you have oponnets and to add more allies would be some kind to cheate and almost make no sense. (imho)
+ the AI must be relative advanced. (not just running and shooting ^^) aka must spend much time on it.

posted at 02/12/07 13:12

y winamp is ok, but still, ites better if its original, y problem is map size, but if u will have free space some day, use this option. :P

well ofc ;)

posted at 29/11/07 11:47

Change music if it wont lagg the map... not some music that u fall a sleep...

1) Winamp ? ^^
2) I used this tune cause it's "Tear in the Open" (fucked alot by Blizz composer i guess) well and Tiesto has a very nice mix on this melody (track) and cause it's almost unknown i decide to use it =) to import custom one... currently there is no enought space =)
btw well the first solution is the best imho ;)
// this tune gives TcX some sad mystery touch =)

in mod i hope i can import some burners xD

posted at 26/11/07 20:58

Maybe you will say "Don't know", but I mean when you plan to release the latest version?

hmmm i really don't know =) BUT defenetly it will be somekind "New Gen" cause i will implement alot new feature. (including collision algorithm and "Dynamic Frame rate" the second will improve perforamnce on alot projectiles at the same time)
so i am not sleeping ^^ (it maybe will take a while due alot of new features)
but they will not change gameplay in general. (in TcX map. mod will have more advanced gameplay maps)

posted at 26/11/07 20:55

I like this map very much, and this is an outstanding map! I enjoy it! I'm going to ask just a single question, when the next version is going to release? I've longed for it!

posted at 24/11/07 12:02


Toadcop are you a fen of AvP?

If yes I am suggesting you to convert your wonderful map to a more dreadful one.

Or maybe if you release that patch (mod) I might try to do it myself but I'm really not a very good mapmaker.

There is quite a stuff out there even a new movie coming soon.

So please atleast think about it.


Hi ! well not really i but i like "Aliens" ^^

hmm i am planing to create a single+multi player campaign. called "The Graveyard"
and it will Dreadful =) something like DooM3 + Diablo2 imho and something like that.
it's means not ALOT monsters but you need some tricks (skill) to kill it. i mean they will be relative hard oppanents so no meat. etc.

but it will take time to realise it =( but IF it will be done it will be outstanding ! ^^

posted at 18/11/07 21:40

I've noticed a problem when you restart the game before credits end: the camera doesn't stop spinning and continues to display the credits.

yeah ! i know i have fixed it. (in my work version) so currently no publick version with this fix available =)
tnx for report ;)

posted at 17/11/07 15:16


finally a mapmaker who MAKES maps instead of coding complicated physics/collision/wtfhax systems

tnx ^^

i am also love complicated systems etc. xD it was the beggining =)
but yes it makes only sense if you can use it in practise =) aka playable map ;)

posted at 11/11/07 13:50

Cr8 more terrains, larger, maybe put some kind of equipment 4 soldier... ( sugestion )

once again ^^ i will create a patch (mod) so YOU will be also able to create your own terrains etc. =)
so. after the mod everything will be different ^^
currently working on 1.03 implementing alot of new features. (Inventory,Stats etc.)
yes ^^ but it will be optional. (you will be able to play the orig)

posted at 07/11/07 20:09

This is so pretty unique, the map system is must be pretty hard to make, indeed
Falling, jumping, projectiles hit, are awesome!

No bug or weird things above has been noticed yet
(except when stand on the bridge and shoot (not shoot into the bridge, I mean, but shoot to solid place), you will shoot to lower cliff)

My friends want you to change the camera to 3rd or 1st camera. I guess keep it the old camera or maybe increasing height

Well, try to play in GGCilent for no/less delay then, xp

tnx ^^ !
the bridge thingie... is special so ^^ thats why the bridges are transparent ;)

"camera to 3rd or 1st camera" - there are 2 aspects WHY i use such a camera...
1) a great balance issue. railgun will be a full IMBA ! etc.
2) a performance isseu cause viewing in such way will decrease performance on many systems dramaticly ! to the point it will be almost in some cases unplayable !

see i am not a such sucker ^^ i have don't many "strange things" cause it an optimal solution (yes not everytime but mostly)

btw try Listchecker guys are talling it pawnz ^^ idk havent use/see it.

gl !

posted at 28/10/07 14:16

hi..i rlly love it its so cooooool !! dont u want make RPG like that? with story and more?

yes maybe ;D

posted at 18/10/07 19:36

TcX stands for ToadcopXtreme right? 8-)

yes something like that ^^ but it have several meanings.

1) like that
2) X = xgm (cause it's official site + i getted alot support from here etc.)
3) and simple X sounds cool xD
4) something of 3 of this ^^

posted at 18/10/07 13:06

Beated the SVX Mode alone ;D no kidding...
@ the end says You Win and starts 1 min restart
whos the man
btw "Insane" map

GJ !!! ;) if you want to make it a bit harder you can use "-diff" command to do it ! it's like a multiplier ! 1.0 = default for example 1.5 the spawned creeps will be 1.5 times stronger ! so "there is no limit" !

posted at 17/10/07 17:43

i read a lot of posts about the delay on bnet and can just give u the one and only best time:

use a host using listchecker - and ur ping will be zerod :D

and if u for some strange reasons dont know what listchecker is - ask your friends :P


posted at 14/10/07 05:50

People with regular PC's (Windows XP) run TcX pretty well. Haven't tested it with MAC users yet though.

MACs are sucking due strange model/texture problem in TcX... well it's once again Blizz awesome development... maybe i will fix it but i have no mac for testing.

posted at 05/10/07 08:34

Hey. I saw your item system and heard the rpg TKOK is planning on using it. I really liked it.

Cool ^^ but it's a TcX feedback section =)

posted at 19/09/07 01:45

Nice map, well done.

tnx ;)

posted at 17/09/07 08:33

This map is great, one of the better fast-paced "shoot-em's" in wc3 to date, anyways i think the maps content is fine in itself, i don't like how you can shoot through bridges to the bottom, and also this map could use more arenas because the starting terrain is rather boring after awhile =)

^^ read some posts below... i could create a Patch and you could make your maps (terrains and some stuff) SELF ! but the other guys would need this "Patch" (mod for war3) to play your maps =\.
and i don't want to place alot of arenas on one map it would be crappy...
the bridges a made special so to save CPU etc... + it's much simple == more performance ! =) otherwise TcX would lagg terrably =\

posted at 15/09/07 01:52

So when is the new release expected?

idk... maybe to 1 october or something =)
the problem is what i am implementing new stuff in. it may cause some troubles. BUT it will be more fun ;)

posted at 09/09/07 13:22
The Black Eagle

I suggest that the CTF mode's flag can be passed to allies when we are holding the flag. The other one is if we can buy item to improve our weapon.

Your map are very good, but these are just my suggestion to your map. Thanks...

the feature to give glag to allies is not the best cause of many reasons. (for example issues with bots... X_X )

"The other one is if we can buy item to improve our weapon." ;D not yet ;) currently it;s skill orintaited map ;) (modes !) but in the future you will see xD.

Thanks you ;) ! we are allways open for some sabe suggestions !

posted at 08/09/07 10:50

Your maps 5/5, what i will change is, maybe idea of the map, not quake3, custom idea, but this is ok, put equipment probably, items, resistances ( i created this in my map ) and cr8 other styles of map, like AoS or Survivor, but that could make lagg, anyway, we're all here coz we like this map/mod, and we will try to spread it around the world xD.

cool ;)
btw i am also planing custom mode ;D and it will rock ! (it will go away from quake gameplay style) well a it might be AoS like xD but what will be there... it's a secret =) but it will be unique.

posted at 08/09/07 01:46

y i got good connection , hosting dota well, anyway, ok, about system, i hope u will release it, as soon as u can, i would like to use it in my map, dunt want to borring you with questions, so i will try to fogure it out, but, you could be guide guy for that stuffs, u know rly lots of stuffs. And you could start on somtn big, not only warcraft 3 mapping. respect

i like to modding so, can u cr8 some giude when hving time, for this map full sistem, all in details. And about map now; put more difrendt maps, just change terrain, and add some suffs, - is that its not original idea, its quake 3, but map rocks.

if to be true ^^ i have to write somekind docs =) but then i will be bored maybe i will write it =)
+ it's not a really problem i can create a war3 patch so you could create maps in WE and launch it and TcX gameplay will be on it =). BUT to play such maps every one must have this patch thats the problem ! the map is not popular enough to extend on Patch like map =). BUT it would give MUCH more possibilitys ! and players could create own terrains with own powerups jumppads teleports. and maybe some custom stuff ! i also would create different map ^^ that would be cool but to spread such "MOD" will be very hard =\. thats why people must first learn the beauty of TcX gameplay possiblitys =)

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