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posted at 06/03/10 16:34


Респект за игру. большая работа. продемонстрирован серьезный скилл в программировании и не только.

Пожалуйста, если тебе будет удобно, сделай доступным скролл для камеры вниз для увеличения горизонтальной видимости в TcX.

Заранее спасибо.

я больше не занимаюсь ТсХ и вц3 модингом в целом. О_О
т.е. проект с моей стороны закрыт. (одна из очевидных причин это "ненужность")

posted at 24/02/10 02:02

Blood explosions looks nice!

posted at 16/02/10 12:37

imho, AOS is 1.4 version of tcx =0

posted at 15/02/10 11:31

Play aos =) bx mode very funny!

it's made to make game more clear.

posted at 10/02/10 20:10

в ролике на АоS на 3мин. 30 секунде они бегают по... по чему то вообщем) это доступно в игре?

да доступно... на 3:30 ничего необычного незаметил. -.-

если ты про серую текстуру то это -bx mode
(-bx )

posted at 01/02/10 12:04

Can u make a horror survival map like L4D? I mean, everything will be unchanged, but just different gameplay

I allready wrote it before. i wont (because i don't develop this map anymore and wc3 at all)

but the map is "open source" and you can do it self =)

posted at 31/01/10 12:48
Guest классная песня, но в клипе еще лучше) можно ее где нибудь достать?

posted at 29/01/10 22:08

If someone has 2 abyss or lightning furys (items)
that give 20% abyss bolt / 15% chain lightning
do they stack?
And what damage does abyss bolt and chain lightning do?

the chance will stay the same but the level of abilities will increase (so in case of 2 items the level will be 2)
and there are internal formulas calculation the extra bonuses depending on the level.

abyss bolt deal - spectral
lightning fury - energo

abyss bolt have a greate damage than lightning fury (and it depends on character level too)
but well both have it's own purporse ;P

posted at 27/01/10 15:57

please give me reference to music in video.

posted at 25/01/10 03:37

This is definitely one of the most awesome maps that I have ever played. It surpasses every map that I've ever played in awesomeness, now that I think about it :).

But there is one thing that I can't figure out... how do you get those custom dialogue screens in the game? The ones that showed your inventory of items or something like that which was shown in the video. I'd be so grateful if someone would let me in on how to do that...

posted at 23/01/10 21:55

thanks) it's very cool thing) but i don't understand how do that in we))

posted at 23/01/10 15:36
how???????? O_O what is this????!!!!! MEEEEEGAAAAA!!!!!! *_____* how do this in game???

in TcX 1.03b it's available in XP mod -mod 1 in TcX AOS it's default.

posted at 23/01/10 14:41

and music in video very nice^_^

posted at 23/01/10 14:38

TcX is the best we creation!!!!!!!!11

posted at 11/01/10 21:09

TCX ORPG, Please.

Highest quality & polished map I've seen, and that says alot. I play this daily, but alas, can hardly keep more than 3 people in it. It's a notch above what your average Bnet fool can handle, oh shame. /w Oxygen "TCX?"
I'll probably say yes.

;P well it's a good idea but i don't have time an will (and wish) to do it. but actually TcX is open (can be edited) (you need to download it from the download section) so someone can make it =)

or some survival "horror" isn't hard to do =)


posted at 02/01/10 12:04

Your TCX AOS has to be the best map on W3. Too bad not many ppl know about it. Our clan discovered your map, so we have been hosting it. Now a lot more ppl know about your map =O. Clan BWS [East Server]. Thanks.

tnx <3 i really appreciate it =)

posted at 28/12/09 15:54

а как называется песенка из xmas?))

jingle bells (Boney M.) version afaik.

posted at 22/11/09 04:45

Ребят карта мега вышка! но ДИКО нехватает ботов в АОС версии, так же как и новых моделек... а вобще вы молодцы! десятоц другой новых пушек и вобще супер!

posted at 05/11/09 18:43

What are you then doing now?

something O_O

posted at 05/11/09 16:47


Awesome maps but can you make more maps to tcx arena? And then do the next version come?

Awesome map :D


Tnx. never =O

posted at 03/11/09 23:35

Hi man,

You're map (TcX AOS) is awesome, but when i host it nobody understand it, and leave 2min after :( so explanations at beginning please.

Maybe you can add a way to upgrade the AOS wave of our team maybe ?
Can you make, like TcX map, the move by the Arrow Keys ?

Also more creeps should be nice..

Sorry for my English & have a good day,


Hi ! =)
well it will not help... they will leave anyway =)

no it will bring only imbalance in game. and to control on keys type "-keys 1"

more creeps = more lags =O

np tnx ! =)

posted at 26/10/09 15:37

Thanks for youre answer!

I think this is the best map in warcraft ever made :)

But ive have a question more:

what is the difference between 1.18-1.23 and 1.24 or higher? Ive play 1.24 but the 1.18 fills less mb.
Kind regards and keep on :D


none =)

posted at 25/10/09 20:44

Holy Shit! Man, I think you’re spending too much time on this map and you get nothing in exchange. You really should have become a game developer or at least you need to start considering it, it’s not something impossible to do. You could earn money for the work you regard as as a hobby… No offense, but what you do is insane IMHO.

I also think that the arena version was better and more interesting to play despite all those new cool features you’ve introduced. Don’t like the monsters… they look like they came from warcraft 3=) Also, the arena’s landscape was way more distinctive, it looked awesome even though it lacked some details which, however, could slow down some computers; and this one doesn’t give the impression (it’s good though). Do not assume that I don’t appreciate what you do, but honestly I think you took a wrong direction.

Regards, hope you’re doing good, it was nice to “see” you again.
Creo (surprise!)

Hi ! =)
well TcX (arena) was 100% my design. AOS is influenced by alot more people. so idk. but about terrain the problem is the wc3 creeps. aka they use default movement system and thats why there are alot limitations etc. etc.

well and now i will move and work on AoX =)

it was good to hear from u too. <3

posted at 24/10/09 17:36


Is xp mod also in the one there requires Warcraft III Patch 1.18-1.23?

Kind regards Mora

no. simply type -mod 1 and it will switch to Xp mod.


posted at 23/10/09 16:16

TCX XMAS 2008 работает на 1.24 ?


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