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posted at 07/09/07 22:51

Y and i would ask, if will be later avalible to download some sistems from this map, like that, arows moving ( smooth ), left button shot... and stuffs ? tnx

well the problem is what the map is a whole system ^^ with out other parts it will not work correctly ! =\ so i think NO + it may be later a open source. but after some "safety" checks ;)

posted at 07/09/07 22:48

I played v 1.01 , and other players told me that they have huge delay, couple of times.

it's depends on i-net connection... optionaly you can:
1) disable custom map sounds via "-s_disablesound 1"
2) remove extra visual effects via "-FXquality 0"
3) reduce unit update period "-u_period 0.025" // must be fine
5) BUT normaly there is no huge differnce between this map and for example dota. well maybe a lil bit.

i end effect it's connection problem.
+ if you get Disconnected plz report !

posted at 07/09/07 19:34

1.01 IS OUT ! =)

we need MP testing feedback !

posted at 07/09/07 03:08

Awesome map man, I had a ton of fun playing it! This map has some serious potential!

Tnx ! ;) btw i have see you on wc3camp... or not ? =) well i will add new game modes ! + fixing stuff etc.
+ !!! 1.01c COMING VERY SOON ! it MUST fix 99% of desync issues ! YES ! you can play in MP ony trobles + with so many bots how you want ! (to the CPU limit ;))

maybe in ~8 hour we will upload the new version !

posted at 05/09/07 13:36


угу =)

posted at 01/09/07 06:42

your map gives my frend critical error or drop's them from the game

maybe... replay ^^ so i can analyse it. + drops we know it. it's somekind "connection" problem. cause on good i-net connections where are (almost) no problems.

+ the game crash may happen only on Alt+Q (leave the map/game) otherwise i NEVER getted critical errors =\ + you are the first one who reports... about crashes.

posted at 31/08/07 05:35

Release a LITE version?
Exclude sounds and models and everything thats wasting map space
LITE version for play.
I host this with 1 MB upload speed and nobody is willing to stay and download because its going so slow...
It would be awesome people would see how cool this game is then they would be shown the url of this site they would come here and download, everyone would have the map and then we could play the 3MB version for even more fun.

Oh and fix the memory leaks i saw a few in the map code...

it would be fucking ugly ^^ well Dota 2.3 mb this one is 3 mb (not a very great difference) so you can simply give this link. so they could download it...

"Oh and fix the memory leaks i saw a few in the map code..." point me or it never happens ^^ as i know there are no leaks =) if you mean no "nullings" so you are wrong ^^. i you want to know... i don't create any objects dynamicaly O_O yeah. only SFX and images + lightnings.

posted at 31/08/07 05:32

haha nvm xD
i clicked on the Little Utility link jeez sorry xD

nop ^^

posted at 31/08/07 05:31

I am not gona run an executable from Russia sorry. Next time include a link to or simply zip the w3x nobody likes EXE who knows whats a virus.
- A Safe Guest

posted at 26/08/07 22:10

please delete d/c bug

we know ^^ so simple isnt it... =) but in 1.01 this problem must be particulary solved.

posted at 24/08/07 10:13


posted at 24/08/07 02:23

"When is next version coming out?" - i hope sooner than in 1 month ^^

"did yu guys find the d/c bug yet it ruining your map" - hmmm =\ i dunno in some kind it's depends on your (and the players) i-net connection. BUT we will try to make it stable ;)

"For the custom keys can you make the mouse wheel switch wepons" yes...

"this map sux" maybe...

"Totally Awesome, based on another awesome game. Great job, you pwnt !
See u on USEast, what server are you on? =D" tnx !!! ;) ... i am don't play on Bnet etc. =)

1.01 will include NEW cool features ! like wepon drop ;) and CTF mode i have planed... so visit this site from time to time.

thanks to anyone for comments !

posted at 24/08/07 02:07

Totally Awesome, based on another awesome game. Great job, you pwnt !
See u on USEast, what server are you on? =D

posted at 23/08/07 22:09

this map sux

posted at 22/08/07 05:37

For the custom keys can you make the mouse wheel switch wepons

posted at 22/08/07 04:20

did yu guys find the d/c bug yet it ruining your map

posted at 22/08/07 03:08

When is next version coming out?

posted at 22/08/07 01:24


posted at 21/08/07 23:31

^^ it was my goal...

posted at 21/08/07 04:45


posted at 20/08/07 20:57

yeah Noob-radar will be in 1.01 =) work on it...

posted at 20/08/07 05:10

Like you said, radar would be awesome!

posted at 20/08/07 00:51

OMG, I have to try it out right now@@@

posted at 20/08/07 00:30

there are a minigun ^^ it's a upgrade for machinegun... and calls Chaingun =)

posted at 19/08/07 22:48

YOUR MAP IS GREAT, but more guns would be awsome, like minigun!!!

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