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posted at 20/10/09 22:34

>нет =) но карта скоро будет доступна в открытой форме так что вы сами можете это сделать =)

Does this mean TcX is going open source? : ))
... if so I wish I could mapping/modding too

posted at 20/10/09 20:39

Хех таких карт как ты описал очень много: учись искать... вродь пацаны из Crusade RPG делали подобие... Лучше пускай больше скорости и мняса сюда добавят и динамики типа вулкан пошёл или тех смутных снеговиков вернут.

posted at 18/10/09 20:15
фанат карты

жаль ( я прост не мап мейкер ((

posted at 17/10/09 22:39
фанат карты

слушайте может вы сделаете рпг в стиле кинг рпг но с этими оружиями? будет круто бегать по зонам мочиться против монстров с дробовиком ) ещё пвп зону можно добавить это прост так идея если вы будете делать такую мапу добавьте в кредиторов Nikslg a.k.a HeKuToC :)

нет =) но карта скоро будет доступна в открытой форме так что вы сами можете это сделать =)

posted at 18/09/09 19:20

OMFG! Its Map is Awesome!
Не буду парится и напишу на русском: карта буум! Автору респект! По текстурам рвёт Warhammer 4000! BFG, Rocket и даже Prodigy xD во автор зверь! Смутило одно - вардёнки и варовские модели! Автор где на гарене комната TcX?

Russia -> XGM Community Room

posted at 15/09/09 00:54

бла бла бла

ок хорошо.

posted at 12/09/09 16:01


posted at 12/09/09 13:54

Ну а будет русская версия? На xgm такой срач по этому поводу.

posted at 09/09/09 19:02

Ack, I looked up the track name you mentioned and its a totally different track. Think you could help me double check the name and artiste? Refering to the video on the main page! Cheers :)

here is the full release

on YouTube but Dub version (with out vocals)

posted at 09/09/09 09:30

Mr Toadcop sir, what is the name of the track used in the trailer on the main page? I think its awesome!


Blank & Jones feat. Bernard Sumner - Miracle Cure (Martin Roth Nu Style Remix)

posted at 09/09/09 08:59

This map is Awesome! WCG and others have to use your map! TCX 4ever!


posted at 06/09/09 09:46

The biggest problem with it is if there is some latency at all, people get screwed over due to the nature of the game.

I know... but for some compensation i added -am 1 mouse movement...

posted at 04/09/09 05:21

I've heard and seen nothing but amazing things about this game, but unfortunately am unable to play it. Whenever I finish dling it in a public game, or click on the game itself when trying to host it in single OR multiplayer, Warcraft III crashes on me.

Macs are not supported. otherwise it makes no sense.

posted at 01/09/09 12:38

I've got problem with TcX control. Everything works except for WSAD movement, anyone know why is it so?

hmmm weird. idk i can upload the "source" of the script (AutoHotkey) and you may try to run it self... cause i see no other option actually on which OS do you run vista ?

posted at 31/08/09 23:53

I don't want to repeat myself but this is a godly epic game.
I just have no words to thank the creator about his "упорству его создателя", creativity, talent and passion about games. I wish you best of luck in the future.

tnx <3

posted at 23/08/09 20:53

hehe minimap pwnz now it's easier to learn the maps (no more gravity 0 ^^)
btw if it's not a problem after TcX AoS and TcX 1.04
are DM1.0, DM2.0 and TcXXmas 2008 gonna be 1.24+ compatible cause they got lovely terrain and unique feel : )

are DM1.0, DM2.0 and TcXXmas 2008 gonna be 1.24+ compatible cause they got lovely terrain and unique feel : ) - yes i will even earler (i think so after AOS is released which SHOULD BE =| soon... cause it mostly ready)

posted at 19/08/09 21:20

Oh yea now I see, yea im getting use to the new wisp gun now. ty and I see what you mean. Doesn't really bother me though I was just wondering really :P

posted at 19/08/09 21:18

Oh dude 8 player game i got 52 frags and 1 death (I died once cause I was afk LOL)

posted at 19/08/09 20:02

I still see you didn't add ammo to death discs. Again nto that big of a dela since they are the weakest weapon. The wisp gun was better in the previous version though. I like how it bounced, now the grenade launcher is better (Which it shouldn't be as it first was).

now i don't care about balance at all =) i care only about AOS after i release it i will care about 1.04 =)
wispgun was to random now it's more tactical.
i will never add ammo to deathdisc it's the unqiue feature of the weapon.

posted at 19/08/09 18:07

Could you please add a 'manual aim' feature to the next version, it would make life a lot easier sometimes?

type -aa 0 afaik... + read command list in Quest log. (Map info)

+ 1.04 alot feature will change. but idk when it will be done xD

posted at 19/08/09 11:21

Song you put in there. It gets me pumped while playing. Mind if I ask waht the artist is?

Hi. It's from Quake 3 =) some industrial piece.
called fla22k_02

posted at 19/08/09 10:32

Btw that was me =)

posted at 19/08/09 10:13

1.03b FUCKING LOVE YOU TOAD. Keep up the good work man. Fucking yes!!! Best fuckign game ever. I'm having an orgasm over this release.

posted at 18/08/09 20:26

O_O 2 year anniversary !1111!!


posted at 18/08/09 05:33

R.I.P TcX1.03 best game ever :(

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