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posted at 25/06/08 16:11

Great map. Hopefully, when RtC is developed more, this will become even better.

it doesnt use RtC =) and i don't wan to make it FPS like. if i wanted i would made before...

posted at 21/06/08 15:30

Hey, I see your map, i see how good it is, and i just wonder.

IS there any way to rapid click skills? I mean, When I go to mod mode, and i max out my hero, theres all that clicking on the points.

i havent any idea wha you are talking about >.< to confusing...

posted at 19/06/08 20:53

Hey, Good map, I like it alot.

I even believe that it could become the halo of Wc3:TFT.

Extremely good job.

Yeah tnx ! =)

view new TcX Video !!!

posted at 18/06/08 19:50

Toadcop, Damn good map!

This map has awsome gameplay.

Thank you for taking time and createing this masterpiece.

Good Job!

Hi. tnx =) i have also some plans for future updates =)

posted at 18/06/08 17:42
Cold Kill

in my humble opinion this is the best wc3 map ever created and you should probably win an award or somnt....
Thank you for this great map Toadcop and every one else helped for it and i'll play it with my friends even on bnet ^^

tnx ! the most important thing is what you like it. you makes me happy ^^

posted at 06/06/08 10:55

I like this map.

One feature i eager for is First person camera on some long range weapon.

This is my reason:
I am merely able to shoot peoples in the samall
square veiw region When i use laser which have longest fire range.

hey bad english, hope you get my mean.

yes i understand. but well it will change the whole game concept + wait what will be in 1.03 ;)

posted at 20/05/08 20:20
FresHMobster's the project rollin'? Didn't see any update some time now...

Still expecting; Still visiting

Yes. i am working "hard" on it =) cause it will bring alot new features. kind a new gameplay... (or simpler to say the delay has a reason.)

in some way you will stoned of amount of new features. (if you would play it long enough)

posted at 10/05/08 17:12


posted at 11/04/08 00:39

hey there, YOU MAP IS INSANE!!
i've been trying to implement an arrow movement jass or trigger in my map, but i have failed to find any working ones that allow you to move with such definity as yours, how did you do it?

Hi ! =)
idk... it's nothing special imho. btw the jass code in map is not messed so if you have jass knowledge you can look at it =)
+ the main reason is what i does use custom unit movement sysetm.

posted at 20/03/08 00:46

This game is amazing. I am currently trying to make a map that can detect both left and right mouse clicks at the same time, but I can't find out how to do it. I realize that you are able to do this in TCX, and I would greatly appreciate if you could tell me how you did it. You can e-mail me at or leave me a PM on My name is Jetherit there, too.

Hi ! tnx ;)

posted at 18/03/08 14:24
Toadcop's Supporter

I had been waiting for the next version for a long long time, i hope it will be faster to be released... good luck!

tnx ! i am working alot on TcX now someday 1.03 will be realesed ^^

posted at 15/03/08 19:59

Really great map, I guess u know it :) Seems u both spent a hell of a lot time to make a 3d engine from 2d. The only bug with engine is motion of different rockets, grenades etc over bridges, but it doesn't change anything. Respect! I think if u will keep mapmaking in starcraft 2, u will be one of best mapmakers.

That's a pity I don't have time now to keep mapmaking...

Alles Gute!

P.S. Toadcop, read my nickname backwards, I belive u remember me...

xD Прива ! да ясно что помню ;) кстати перевести геймплей было не так уж тяжело (если учитывать мой опыт в этом деле (в варе3) я всегда был помешан на этом xD ) это не баг кстати это я специально сделал =) фичя в баллансе. я могу сделать что рокеты гранаты и все юнит снаряды будут сталкиватьса с мостами НО (можно так сказать) мгновеные снаряды (итпо как машинган винт рейл) я не смогбы сделать номр столкновение с мостами поэтому я решил что все проджи не чары игнорят мост. т.е. это было моим решением из за ряда причин. ^^
кстати прос стар2 я лично очень скептичен но увидим (да я не собераюсь добровольно забивать ^^) а это жалко :'( так часто получаетьса кто что то умеют те не имеют время для модинга или чёнить подобного =(...

да кстати ;) ТсХ до 1.02 это еще тока начало ! я сейчас в проггресе делаю 1.03 вот он будет япошить =) кстати (ты чё шифруешся ? у тебя траблы на хгм или просто так ? если чё я могу дать тебе доступ в раздел форум проекта там почитаеш некоторую инфу и т.п. и т.д. может даже предложения есть ^^ если чё пиши мне в приват на хгм или асю безразницы =) )

ну а так спасибо было очень приятно ! желаю тебе удачи и щастья !

ja und dir auch alles gute ! ;)

posted at 05/03/08 10:56

ok vielen dank^^ weil kцnntest du das system nur ein wenig umbauen fьr mich?^^ weil das system von deinen kumpel ist sehr gut nur diese deadzone ist mal voll fьrn arsch...
kцnntest du deins soweit umbauen das, man nicht dieses 12 items als "getragenes inventar" hat sonder nur ein "erweiterung" des normalen inventars.
vllt gehts ja auch das man die items extra ins inventar legen kann, wenn man sie aufnimmt, dmait man nciht erst backpack geht und dann nen trank ins inventar legt
wдre sweet, wenn das gehen wьrde. vllt hast du ja sowas schon als vorgдnger oder so ^^
hast du vllt icq oder so? :P weiЯ ja net vllt siehste ja meine email adresse ich geb die mal mit an
danke fьr alles^^


ja ich ferstehe aber ich hab grade nicht viel zeit >.<
und die slots weg machen ist kein problem =) (dan wirst du nur das inventar haben.)

posted at 03/03/08 17:34

Are you the maker of BX-TRS II?

yeap :P

bist du Deutscher ? =) // du kanst auch auf Deutsch shrieben wen du willst ^^

posted at 01/03/08 22:40

Any update for new versions ?

no =)
BUT i am working on it
1) ALOT of NEW MIND FUCKING blowing stuff will be added =)
2) I know defenetly the reason for the DeSyncs so 1.03 must be flawless (no Desyncs)

so be calm and don't wait it to much. let me suprise you ^^ it's the best way ;D

posted at 01/03/08 03:43

it seems so that u are here online could plz check your other map full screen inventorythx :D

huh ? xD
well anyway =) (btw it's not my Inv it's zibada's one)
TRSII you can find at
// sorry your post is bit confused ^^

posted at 17/02/08 15:10

wow, what a great map. keep up the good work, i enjoyed playing it a lot. :D


Thanks ! i will do it ;D

posted at 01/01/08 00:35

And also do remember that this mod kicks ass. I wish you luck in developing it further :) cheers

Thanks ! Happy New Year 2 ! ^^
yeah i will need it =) i have decided to make TcX a NextGen modding project i.e. i will use custom C++ code =) (well maybe not only C++) it will push the borders.

posted at 29/12/07 11:28

Erm.. Toadcop, where do you from?

Planet Earth ? =)

posted at 25/12/07 17:12


Спасибо но это тока начало ;)

posted at 07/12/07 08:17

This map is fucking awesome, me and some friends got a real kick out of it and I cant wait for future versions to come out.

;D tnx !
i am working on. so TcX will be more fun & unique. what will allow much more taktics & bilds (! yes)
i am working togehter with one Diablo2 pro ^^ (he gives my suggestions for features).

so the goal is to make TcX with current gameplay but also add more RPG elements. (more in Diablo2 direction)
// the new FSI Inv is ready ;)

posted at 03/12/07 13:35

Wiil the SCX mode support by the AI?

not Wii => PS3 xD
hmmm idk maybe not cause you have oponnets and to add more allies would be some kind to cheate and almost make no sense. (imho)
+ the AI must be relative advanced. (not just running and shooting ^^) aka must spend much time on it.

posted at 02/12/07 13:12

y winamp is ok, but still, ites better if its original, y problem is map size, but if u will have free space some day, use this option. :P

well ofc ;)

posted at 29/11/07 11:47

Change music if it wont lagg the map... not some music that u fall a sleep...

1) Winamp ? ^^
2) I used this tune cause it's "Tear in the Open" (fucked alot by Blizz composer i guess) well and Tiesto has a very nice mix on this melody (track) and cause it's almost unknown i decide to use it =) to import custom one... currently there is no enought space =)
btw well the first solution is the best imho ;)
// this tune gives TcX some sad mystery touch =)

in mod i hope i can import some burners xD

posted at 26/11/07 20:58

Maybe you will say "Don't know", but I mean when you plan to release the latest version?

hmmm i really don't know =) BUT defenetly it will be somekind "New Gen" cause i will implement alot new feature. (including collision algorithm and "Dynamic Frame rate" the second will improve perforamnce on alot projectiles at the same time)
so i am not sleeping ^^ (it maybe will take a while due alot of new features)
but they will not change gameplay in general. (in TcX map. mod will have more advanced gameplay maps)

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